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Currently based in The Hague, The Netherlands



2012 – 2017  Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands. Bachelor in Art. Major in Photography.
2017 January – Workshop with Thijs Wassink and Willem Popelier
How to Graduate in 4 Days. The Hague, The Netherlands.

2015 February – August  Internship with Miles Aldridge in London

2013 September – January Workshop with Bert Rorije. Communication. The Hague, Netherlands

2009-2011 Art Academy St. Joost, Breda, The Netherlands. Illustration.




2017 June – Graduation Show, The Royal Academy of Art. Part of group exhibition with project Smooth Automatic Transmissions. The Hague, The Netherlands.

2017 May – The Ink, the Milk, the Blood: Power of the Single Image. Part of group exhibition at Melkweg Gallery with project Smooth Automatic Transmissions. Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2016 October – Up&Coming. Part of group exhibition at Korzo Theater & NDT with project Sweet Hurricane. The Hague, The Netherlands.

2016 January – Paradise. Part of group exhibition with project Zeegezichten, The Hague, The Netherlands.



2017 –  Smooth Automatic Transmissions. Self published.

2017 – Thesis Violence and Vulnerability in The Image. Self published. 


For inquiries and questions:


// NL +31 616359443





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